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Cherag Email Address Directory

East Coast - USA

Abi'l-Khayr [b. 1950, Cleveland Ohio, USA]  194 Darrow Road, New Lebanon NY 12125  Ordained August, 1997, by Pir Vilayat. Sufi Order initiate since 1986. Retreat guide. E-mail: Lead dhikr circle during each new moon cycle. Guide individual and small group retreats. Occasional Universal Worship services at the Abode of the Message and other locations. 

 New York City, New York
 Rev Cheraga Sharifa Felicia Norton
 Rev Cherag Muinuddin Charles Smith
 Initiated into Sufi Order Intl 1977, ordained as Cherags by Pir Vilayat, 1980
 Retreats, Universal Worship
 223 Second Ave. 5J, NYC, NY 10003
E Mail:;

Seraj Prajapati O'Neill, Ph.D. [Sufi Order] - Albany, NY, USA - Cherag Suhrawardi Gebel, [Sufi Order] Cambridge, MA - USA 
Rashida Maxine Kaufman - [Sufi Order] New York City, New York, USA -
Contact:  Rochester, New York, USA

Cherag Wadud Henry Cretella
Cheraga Zaynab Kathleen FitzPatrick
Tel:  585-248-0427
Ordained by Shahabuddin David Less, 2003
Initiates of the Sufi Order International (Wadud: 2001, Zaynab: 1988), Ziraat, Healing Order (Conductors)
Members of the Sufi Order of Rochester and Rising Tide International
Email: or
Shekinah Cynthia Trapanese

202 Seven Fields Lane
Brewter NY 10509

Jami Joseph Klein
Annapolis, Maryland
Ordained by Pir Vilayat in 1982
Regional Representative, with my wife Amida Cary, for the Mid-Atlantic 
region of the Sufi Order.
Nur-un-nisa Cynthia Burke
Wakefield, RI
Rev. Ramana Lailah Heyman
Sufi Order of Winchester, Virginia
Tel: 540-667-5100
Ordained by Pir Vilayat Sept. 5, 1991
Initiate of the Sufi Order since 1978
Ongoing classes at The Orchard Hill Healing Center
Sufi Weddings, Interfaith Ceremonies

Western - USA

<>Elizabeth "Elsa" Weber
<>420 Dela Vina Avenue Unit 4 
Monterey CA 93940
831 920-2836

Hadi Paul Reinhertz
Cherag Initiation by Pir Vilayat 1984
convening Vallejo, Ca Sufi Center
with Shakina Reinhertz
Universal Worship, marriages, interfaith work, etc

Solvang, California
Sheikh Cyrus
ordained 1977

My name is Rafi Benoit
My initiator and cherag trainer is Murshida Rabia Ana Perez Chisti
My mailing address is
88 Perry Street, #503
San Francisco, CA 94107
I am available for counseling to anyone in the greater Bay Area as needed.

Raqib Ickovich, Santa Monica, CA, - USA
Waliya Inayat (Martha) Perkins
Los Angeles, CA

trained by Murshida Bhakti Engle and Qahira (and
Tansen Muni) in the late 70s.  Ordained by Pir
Vilayat up at a Big Bear Camp,  Inititated as a Mureed in 1973.

Siraj Tasnim Hermila Fernandez 
ordained by Pir Vilayat as a Cherag at Chamonix, 
France 1976; ordained as Siraj in 1998. 
Heads the Church of All, Burbank California; is a 
founding member of the International Network for 
the Dances of Universal Peace and a senior Mentor 
in the Dances and Walks.  Conducts seminars, 
camps, and various training workshops throughout 
the U.S. and  many other countries. 
Telephone 818/841-3246,  Fax  818/558-3654

Northwest Pacific Coast

Cherag Devi Tide - - Cherag Sarmad Tide [Sufi Order]- Seattle, Washington - USA 
Hayyat & Wahhab Dohrmann

We have been initiates in the Sufi Order since 1979, and were ordained as cherags by Pir  Vilayat in 1983.

29710 SE Shady Oaks Dr.
Corvallis, OR 97333

Sheikh NurJamila (SIRS, Sufi Movement) & Khalif Khalil Elliott (SIRS) Ashland, Oregon We are both SIRS teachers/initiator/ Cherags.  Nur jamila is also a HelvetiJerrahi dervish.  Offer Dances of Universal Peace 3rd Fri each month  Zikr 2nd & 4th Thursdays

Cherag Samuel Vilayat Schatz [Sufi Order] - Portland, OR, USA -
Southwest - USA - Cherag Abdul Wahhab Sheets [Sufi Order] - Austin, Texas USA - Cherag Mikail Davenport [Sufi Order]- Austin, Texas USA 
Cheraga Zehra Latif Lucurtis Williams [Sufi Order] - Fort Worth, Texas USA

Cherag Wahhaba Phillips
Dallas, Texas
(214) 337-8921"
"Available for house blessings, weddings,funerals/memorial services, etc." We celebrate the Universal Worship at least once monthly publicly. Call for place and times.

Contact: Houston, Texas and Ahmedabad, India
Shaykh Cherag Abdulhakim Inayati Qaderi
Inayati-Qadri Dargahi
Ordained by Pir Vilayat 1979 - Initiate of the Sufi
Order since 1977 and also initiate of the Qadri Sufi
Order through Syedna Mahmood Muhyuddin al Qadri al
Jilani (radhi allahu anhu)
Homepage: NONE - Cherag Munir N.  [Sufi Order]- Tucson, AZ - USA - Cherag Abad Martindale [Sufi Order]- Dallas, Texas, USA 
Cherag Azar Baksh Weiner

(Sufi Order)  Corpus Christi, Texas
Daena Diana King

Ordained as MahGoobia King  (Mahboobia is correct) 1978 at Florida Camp winter ''78
1st member of Austin center under Khabir Kitz '76
Met Sufi's in London in 1974
Initiated in Dallas in 1975 by Pir Vilayat
Ordained (initiated?) as Healing Conductor in Grey Forest, TX in 1978 by Himyati Inayati (sp?)
Lived in london '73 & '74, Austin '76-'81; '82-'83, Dallas '74-'75 & '81, NYC Khanqa '81, Abode '82, Seattle '83-'84, SF Bay Area '84-'94, and Santa Fe '94-'99,
now in Enid, OK '99, also in '75-'76
Addr:  2614 Northgate Dr.  Enid, OK 73703-1750    580-237-0314
Name in NYC area - Claire

South - USA - Rev. Cherag Amina Stockton [ Sufi Order]

Cheraga Aisha Carol Rosenbaum
Sufi Order International initiate since 1994, initiated by Ghani O'Dell
Ordained as a Cheraga by Murshid Shahabuddin David Less in 2008
I can be reached at 941-586-9758
Our center is Rising Tide International in Sarasota, Florida - Seraj Murshid Kabir Kitz [SIRS] - Heartsong - Arkansas, USA 
Rev. Cherag Jacob Kabb (Sufi Order)  2625 Piedmont Rd Ste 56-251 Atlanta, Ga 30324  tel.770 277 9681

Gary (Hál) Anderson
Leland, NC (ph: 910-232-9790)

Midwest - USA
Saki Zenzhaki 
(aka Doug Roberts)
76 Belvidere Ave. 
Columbus, Ohio 43223
available for conducting either informal or formal classes (leading to becoming a Cherag) in the Universal Worship, and the Universal Worship ceremony itself of course. 
Rev. Cherag Rajaishvar (Raj) A. Secura, Ph.D.(b1941, E. Cleveland, OH)

Church of All, Minister at Large.
216-451-6605 (Cleveland, OH)
Ordained by Sheik Zalmon Schachter, 1979. 
Initiate of the Sufi Order of the West 1972.
Specializes in custom, non-denominational wedding ceremonies.
Last update 9/00
Cherag Musa John Noller [SIRS], Jefferson City MO (mid-Missouri),
Rev. Jaharala Joy Wood, Madison, Wisconsin


Intiated Sufi Order International in February 1979.  Ordained by Shabaduddin David Less  March 2004. I am one of the Madison,  Wisconsin center cherags.  I would be happy to assist with all aspects of life's passages, weddings, funerals, house blessings, quincineras, baby blessings. 


Canada- Ontario
Leslie Gabriel Mezei
Sufi Order
Initiated by Pir Vilayat in 1984, Ordained in 1995

Europe Are you a cherag in EUROPE? Let us know about you! 

Appels-Vandevenne Hugo en Noëlla
Akbar en Latifa 
tel: 0032 (0)3 448.04.14 
Eerste cherag en cheraga ingewijd door Pir Vilayat.

WALIHA L. Svejda
CHERAGA, Representant SOI, Head of the Sufi Center AHAD in Basel, Switzerland / Europe and Healing Conductor, initiated by Pir Vilayat in 1989 and ordained as Cheraga and Representative of Basel in 2000, contact:
AHAD - Sufi Center Basel, Switzerland

tel./fax: + 41 61 302 23 12, email:

Poland - Silesia - Gliwice:
Ofiel Chishty - Ryszard Matuszewski
Ryszard Z. Matuszewski
P.O. Box 247, 
44-100 Gliwice 1, PL
ordained as Cherag in 1988 (Pir Vilayat), as Siraj in 1990 (Pir Vilayat)

Murshid Sharif Munawwir
Donald Avery Graham
34 rue de la Tuilerie
92150 Suresnes FRANCE
33(0)6 06 42 84 54
Jahangir den Hertog (b. 1938, Deventer, the Netherlands)
Lathum, the Netherlands
Tel. x 31 (0)313 630029
Ordained by Shaikh ul Mashaikh Mahmood Khan 1995 - initiate of the Sufi

Michael Macy

I was intiated by Pir Vilayat in 1978 and ordained as a cherag that same year.  My email address is and I live in London. 
Noor-Christina  Poland; Ordinared December 1990 by Pir Vilayat. Sufi Order initiate since 1988 by Atum, Healing Order by Qahira Qalbi.

Retreat guide, lead Sufi Center since 10 years in Torun, Guide individual and group retreats. Occasional Universal Worship services, and healing group meetings. Each month weekend with Sufi meditations , Dances , dhikr.
I am also teraoist for the last 15 years.
If You would like lead Sufi  workshops or Dances in Poland please  e-mail to me. 
Krystyna Pietrasinska Poland , 87-100 Torun
ul.Wybickiego 36 b/10  tel.:  0048  56 66 00 959 fax :  0048  56 65 22 900

Are you a cherag in Asia? Let us know about you! 

Contact: Istanbul , Turkey
Hazret Sayed Mehmet Azem Kebir Shah
Inayathani Sufi Dargah of Istanbul
Tel: + 90-216-3853933
Ordained by Hazrat Pir Vilayat in 1995
Ordained in Naksibendi Sufi Order by Mehmud Cosan in

My name is Hazret Syed Mehmet Azem Kebir Shah .  I am
a Sunnite Muslim of the Hanafite Creed and a
descendant of the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) .

Are you a cherag in Africa? Let us know about you! 


Cheraga Shakti Celia Genn [Sufi Movement] -

My name is Kabira Miriam Teresa; I live in the Blue Mountains/ Central
West area of New South Wales, Australia.

I am a Siraja   with 25 years training in the Movement, now also
representing Sufi Order.   I see myself very much as a representative
for the Sufi Message of Hazrat Inayat Khan  -  across all its
understandings and manifestations, and in any place where it's Light may
enhance love, harmony and beauty.

I can be contacted by email to

South America
Are you a cherag in South America? Let us know about you! 

 Other Organizational Listings  (daily Gayan meditations)  (Message volumes, printer-friendly versions)  (HIK, PVIK etc.  20 pages of Sufi used and new books)

Sufi Order International 
North American Secretariat
5 Abode Rd.
New Lebanon, NY 12125
Voice: 518-794-7834 (SUFI)

Sufi Order International 
International Secretariat
23 Rue de la Tuilerie
92150 Suresnes, France
Voice: 011-33-1-472-84846
Fax: 011-33-1-42040592

Heart & Wings Journal 
5 Abode Rd.
New Lebanon, NY 12125
Voice: 518-794-7834 (SUFI)

Abode of the Message Programs Office 
5 Abode Road
New Lebanon, NY 12125
Voice: 518-794-8095
Fax: 518-794-8060 

Omega Publications 
256 Darrow Road
New Lebanon NY 12125-2615
Voice: 800-443-7107
Fax: 518-794-8187

The Sufi Healing Order 
P.O. Box 17578
Asheville, North Carolina 28816
Phone: (704) 683-1219
Fax: (704) 683-0072

Emergency healing list: c/o Carol McGonegal
(410) 849-2520 

Zenith Institute
Casa Purascia
6863 Bezasio Switzerland

Zenith Secretariat
13 Rue de la Tuilerie
92150 Suresnes France
Ph./Fax in France: +33-
Ph/Fax in England: +44-171.6813727 

The Hope Project
T-22, Basti Hzt. Nizamuddin
New Delhi — 110013, India
Contact: Carmen Hussain 

Secretariat de l' Ordre Soufi International Headquarters 23 rue de la Tuilerie 92150 Suresnes, France Voice 011-331-472-84846 email: Zahir Roehrs 

Heart to Heart - a newsletter for singles following the Sufi path. Noor Mary Lee Slettehaugh,

Wisdom's Child Bookstore and Omega Publibations Homepage- New Lebanon, NY - PO Box 1030D New Lebanon, NY 12125 Voice 800-443-7107  email: 

Sacred Spirit Music - New Lebanon, NY - tapes and CD's - email:

Aegis Homepage - Aegis programs Aegis Events 12 Aegis Rd. New Lebanon, NY 12125 Voice 518-794-8095 Fax 518-791-8060 - for the retreat and camps program at the Abode - email: 

The Sufi Healing Order Homepage - The Sufi Healing Order PO Box 17578 Asheville, North Carolina 28816 Phone (704) 683-1219 Fax (704) 683-0072 email: 

PEACEWORKS - PeaceWorks International Network for the Dances of Universal Peace is the coordinating hub that links the many Dance circles worldwide. 

THE DANCE - 'The Dance' is dedicated to:1. Informing the public about sacred phrase and movement practices, workshops, and activities throughout the State of Arizona.2. Informing the public about the Arizona activities of The Dances of Universal Peace, The Sufi Order of the West, and Sufi Islamic Ruhaniat Society.3. Providing a forum for all seekers using sacred phase and movement as a pathway to the Divine. 

LIGHTSONG - P.O.Box 633, 2270 AP Voorburg, the Netherlands - email:

Current list from Sufi Movement website:


Maharaj James McCaig 
Sufi Center 
504 Beverly Circle South 
Magnolia, New Jersey, USA 
telephone: 609-782-7310

International Headquarters, 
Office of the Representative General
Banstraat 24
2517 GJ Den Haag

General Secretariat:
Anna Paulownastraat 78
2518 BJ Den Haag

National Representatives for Australia 
Hakim Oerton
PO Box 440
Katoomba, NSW 2786

for Brazil 
Nuria Dulce Gosende
Rua 2 de Dezembro 15-102
Rio de Janeiro, RJ 22.220-040

for Canada 
Larry Smokorowski
75 Taunton Road
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M4S 2P2

for Germany 
Petra Beate and Wakil Schildbach
Menzelstrasse 9
D - 14193 Berlin

for Holland 
Ameen Carp
Anna Paulownastraat 78
2518 BJ Den Haag

for India 
Walia van Lohuizen
Singel 170 - I
1015 AH Amsterdam

for Italy 
and for Kenya 
Dahnya Bozzini
PO Box 306
CH - 6713 Malvaglia

for Mexico 
Hafiz Castillo
Parque Hernando Escobar
Juarez, Chihuahua 48
Mexico 32300

for New Zealand
Marie Love
45 Motahara Rd
New Zealand

for Poland 
Nur Wielobob
11 Pulku Lotniczego 9/48
Krakow, 31-867

for Russia
Puran Kalinin
PO Box 296
Novosibirsk 630 090

for South Africa
Latifa Grotepass
PO box 597
Wilderness, Kaap
South Africa

for Switzerland (the German Region)
Karima Sen Gupta
Bleimattweg 18
CH - 4104 Oberwil

for Switzerland (the Italian Region)
Dahnya Bozzini
PO Box 306
CH - 6713 Malvaglia

for Switzerland (the French Region + Representative of the General Secretary of the International Headquarters of the Sufi Movement)
Jean Rogg
12, Chemin des Rupières
CH - 1257 Bardonnex

Rabia Ana Perez Chisti
1 Los Amigos Court
Orinda, CA 945634-1605

Regional Brotherhood/Sisterhood Representative Western USA
Rani McLaughlin 
660 SW Maplecrest Drive
Portland, OR 97219