question #2 from "Discovering in Oneself the Qualities of the Masters,
Saints and Prophets" (page 55)...

 "There's no being we can't contact. At some level, we are in contact with
all beings because we have their inheritance in us."

Pir Vilayat Khan teaches that our ability to contact a master, saint or
prophet lies in our capacity to enter into their attunement. We must be able
to alter our attunement and raise it to the pitch of a great being. One's
attunement may be described as the particular music of one's being which
manifests in the level of consciousness, the quality of emotions and the
kind of energy one embodies.

a) Select a master, saint or prophet and describe their attunement,
including the elements of consciousness, emotion, and energy.

b) Describe the process, in your own words, of how you enter into the being
of this master, saint or prophet.