The International Healing List

Updated 7/1/2001 

    There are now approximately 40 Healing Conductors around the world who are receiving names on the International Healing List weekly. The Sufi Healing Order thanks all of them for their work; it is most appreciated by the recipients of their prayers.

Requesting Healing Prayers through the International Healing List

    It is important that we have the permission of the person requesting healing before adding him/her to the list. It's best to use your full name, including your birth name. If your gender is not obvious by your name, please include your gender. Send an email with your name or call 410.849.2520 and leave your name with a request for healing.

A Note about Our Healing Work

    Names which are submitted by those seeking healing are read aloud by a Sufi Healing Conductor during our frequent Healing Circles that are held around the world by members of the Sufi Healing Order. Prayers are offered to the Divine asking that those persons whose names have been read be healed. These prayers are offered during a Healing Service which focusses Divine Healing Power to the individuals who have requested healing prayers.

A Note on the History of the Healing List

    The original Healing List was set up to aid those people in need of emergency healing. The Kefayat (Head of the Sufi Healing Order) at that time invited Healing Circle Conductors around the country to participate in an emergency phone tree. Many conductors volunteered and a phone tree was
established. People called the Kefayat with names of people in need of emergency healing, and she would call a few conductors, who would in turn call a few conductors, and so on. In 1994, the current focalizer of the International Healing List was asked to facilitate the phone tree. It has evolved a bit over the years into it's current electronic form.

Let Us Know!

    We encourage you to let us know about the results of your healing experiences. A healing can be as simple as "feeling more energetic" or as life-altering as a remission from disease. Obviously, the Sufi Healing Order makes no claim as to the efficacy of healing prayer, but if you receive healing from the Divine, we would enjoy learning of your experience!

                                God Bless You!

Privacy Policy: Any name we receive is considered private and confidential, a gift for service from God, and will not be shared  outside of our Healing Circles!