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"The work of the Message is to spread the unity of religion. It is not a mission to promote a particular creed or any church or religion; it is a work to unite the followers of different religions and faith in wisdom, so that without having to give up their own religion they may strengthen their own faith and focus the true light upon it. In this way a greater trust, a greater confidence will be established in mankind."
 Pir-O-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan
Daily Gayani Meditations for the Confraternity of the Message

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Universal Worship Readings Archive   for Cherags containing sets of scriptures organized topically for use in Universal Worship Services 
THE LAMP OF THE MESSAGE a Journal for the International  Community of cherags 

a Journal of Trans-Ethnic Spirituality from a universal perspective of Sufism 
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The Church of All and all churches 
The Church of All and of all churches performs the Universal Worship Service which incorporates the wisdom of all religious traditions based on the realization that there is one divine reality the knowledge of which is expressed through various times and places. This gives rise to the various Faiths. Thus the Universal Worship is a celebration of the vision of unity amid the appearance of diversity. The Church of All is the religious outreach of the Sufi Order, Sufi Movement and the Sufi Islamia Ruhaniat Society through which the Dances of Universal Peace have come into being.

A Cherag is an ordained minister whose ordination is for serving the religious needs of the community when they arise. Cherags are not professional priests but rather work part time in whatever capacity they are able.

The Cherag's Library Discussion List for Cherags (ordained ministers) and members of the Church of All and the sufi orders and organizations developed from the teachings of Pir-O-Murshid Inayat Khan such as the Sufi Order International, The Sufi Movement and The Sufi Islamia Ruhaniat Society, members of The Dances of Universal Peace. This list is also open to anyone attuned to the Divine Message which transcends ethnocentric differences and who wish to explore the Message behind the scriptures. Click the web link to register or email to: Hamid Touchon <hamid@cheraglibrary.org>
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Gayani Meditations - Volume OneGayani Meditations - Volume One

Gayani Meditations - Volume One (book) Print: $28.50
The first in a new series of books exploring the Sufi Message of Hazrat Inayat Khan using sayings from his Gayan as the starting point. Researched over a seven year period Reverend Hamid Touchon has arranged a year of daily meditations for the members of the Church of All and anyone interested in a trasn-ethnic approach to spirituality. Students of the spiritual path regardless of their religious tradition will find inspiration and guidence in this living message of our time.

Gayan Vadan, Nirtan - Inayat Khan

This special edition of the Gayan, Vadan and Nirtan has been created by Cherag Library Publictions to provide cherags with a handsome and dignified object for the Universal Worship altar. The cover design is taken from a high definition scan of an original Gayan published by the Sufi Movement in Great Britain from the 1920’s and incorporates a gold heart and wings design from that book cover. The larger type face of the text in this work is for ease of reading from the altar. The early original editions of the Gayan – Vadan – Nirtan are about 6x5 inches in size. This version is 9x6 inches to conform to the size of standard books of our day.